• Medical Training Institute of New York

Message from the President

Thank you for visiting our online portal at Medical Training Institute of New York.

Our goal to continue to provide quality education for the allied health occupations remains to be on top of our priorities. All our faculty and staff are committed to providing excellent training so that our students’ knowledge and skills are enhanced, thereby, transforming them to become proficient healthcare professionals one day.

Ever since we have started, we have pursued every intent to bring about quality education so that our graduates can be the professionals highly fit for the demands of their chosen healthcare career. We have carefully designed, assessed, and evaluated our curriculum and instructional materials to remain relevant to the healthcare needs of our time. We also continue to train and equip our educators to be the rightful academic assistant of our students in this career path they are pursuing.

Because of our aim to provide quality education to every student who is willing to learn and expand their knowledge base, we have opened training institutes in Manhattan NYC. In addition to this, we also offered online programs for students who want to acquire knowledge in their own preferred schedule and location. We even integrate hybrid programs — that is, the integration of online and classroom training — so that our students will have the best of every academic training that they prefer. We also partner with hospitals and other healthcare facilities to provide further support in the learning growth and training of our students.

To this extent, we open our institution to cater to your academic and healthcare foundation. As we continue to work towards consistent excellence, we invite you to explore our online portal and find the learning opportunities that best fit you.



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