• Medical Training Institute of New York

MTI Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

Medical Training Institute of New York aims to be the premier producer of top-notch medical service personnel in the healthcare industry. In this light, we see to it that all programs provided are concepts with the internationally recognized syllabus. We implement these programs through a team of dedicated faculty and direct all these endeavors to build a firm foundation for students through which their skills, knowledge, and aptitude can be employed to serving the broader industry in the future, whether in care homes and assisted living facilities, home health care, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

Philosophy & Goals

The Medical Training Institute of New York (MTI of New York) assumes the responsibility to provide faculty, educational facilities, and learning experiences in an environment to enable students to develop as responsible members of health care teams. This is in keeping with the school’s teaching mission.

It is the responsibility of the MTI of New York teaching program to prepare all students to meet the changing challenges of the profession to aid them in developing their potential.

The MTI of New York Education Program integrates knowledge, attitudes, and psychomotor skills through planned learning experiences for the development of our programs. It is NOT merely a technical training program, designed only to teach a “skill”. The skills of our programs are taught alongside didactic learning (to provide understanding and depth) and affective learning (to provide awareness of attitudes; ability to respond professionally). All three domains of learning are important and achievements in all three are assessed.

General Program Goals

The Medical Training Institute of New York Education Program was established to provide the necessary learning experiences for participants to be able to:

  • Recognize and appreciate the role of our students on health care teams.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform related skills by meeting the criteria for progression and completion of the MTI of New York Education Program.
  • Demonstrate recognition of the importance of professional behavior, growth, and development.
  • Recognize the importance of learning in all three domains (Cognitive, Psychomotor, and Affective) by demonstrating a commitment to all related objectives.
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