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School of Allied Health

Be a part of our Allied Health School and experience why our faculty, staff, and students are creating ripples of positive changes in the health care field. We are committed to providing our students with the best facility ensuring that they have an environment where learning is cultivated. We utilize evidence-based research and practice providing a detailed approach as to how health care now is being delivered in this day and age.

Pursue a position in different health care fields, and see which one totally fits you. Our wide array of allied health courses allows you to get to know a range of research interest which fits your needs and professional desire. The facilities we have will let you easily master and complete specific laboratory requirements from the department you have enrolled to.

We focus on research opportunities to enable our students in the School of Allied Health to explore and discover things in the health field. Different resources are found along the way so that you are fully assisted in your research tasks and for you to grow and develop into a reliable healthcare professional.

Develop your skills and pursue your interest in our exciting academic programs. Opportunities await you in this multidisciplinary field. Learn more about our majors, academic programs in the School of Allied Health, choose what you think is best for you amongst these academic choices:


1. NURSING – Be the linchpins in the health field. Change how you see the world and bring impact on the lives of other people by taking on the role of a nurse. Other nursing sub-specializations are open for you to take on as well, such as:

  • Nursing Assistant – This course allows you to help patients in activities of their daily living.
  • LPN – This program prepares you to work with the sick, disabled and injured while under direct supervision of a physician or a nurse.
  • Patient Care Technician – The focus of your work is to be with patients in assisting them to use the restroom, change beddings and to serve meals.
  • EKG – Training in EKG taking and reading will let you assist physicians and nurses in checking for any abnormalities in the heart.
  • Phlebotomy – You will be trained to draw blood to be tested for any abnormalities.
  • EKG/Phlebotomy – You can also opt for advanced coursework in both EKG taking and reading as well as drawing of blood samples.

2. PHARMACY – Be the professional in charge with preparing and dispensing of medicines prescribed by physician and needed by patients. You will be the bridge between chemical science and the healthcare field.

3. OPERATING ROOM – Learn the principles being utilized in the operating rooms in order that you can provide a safe and sterile environment for your patients.

4. DENTAL – Assist dental professionals in carrying out oral health care to their patients. Take on the active role of providing dental health teaching to patients seeking your care.

5. IMAGING – Assist physician by carrying out imaging tasks so that you can help them in the rightful diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

Our Home Health Care/Aide certificate program provides courses in patient care, basic medical care, emergency response, and housekeeping duties.
General Education Development (GED) refers to a test which certifies that a person possesses high school level academic knowledge. A GED test evaluates an individual’s knowledge in five areas: writing, mathematics, reading, science and social studies. After passing the test, a diploma is given referred to as a General Education Diploma (GED).
Our EKG/Phlebotomy certificate program is an intensive class in Basic EKG and basic Phlebotomy followed by hands-on clinical experience. The certificate is designed for individuals interested in taking technical courses for immediate entry into a field of employment and current healthcare worker who would like to update their EKG/Phlebotomy skills.
Our Patient Care Technician certificate program will teach students the patient care skills they need to perform basic medical services, help those who are ill and injured, and assist individuals who need help with daily activities.
Medical Training Institute of New York offers one of the state’s most highly regarded, accredited programs in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Our program offers three separate concentrations of study – Cardiac, General, and Vascular.
This program prepares individuals to assist anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists in developing and implementing patient anesthesia care plans, including preoperative, surgical theater, recovery room, and post-operative or intensive care procedures.
Licensed Practical Nurse program provides a fast way for individuals to start working in the field of nursing. LPN preparation program involves one year of training at a hospital.
Our Radiology Assistant educational program is recognized by ARRT. Our program deals with biological sciences, medical terminology, and equipment. Course topics include human anatomy, pathophysiology, clinical pharmacology, intervention procedures, health law and pathology.
Our program prepares you for entry-level employment in a kidney dialysis unit. You will learn to operate dialysis machines, to provide direct patient care, and to respond compassionately to psychological and social issues of patients. Coursework includes medical terminology, psychology, anatomy and physiology, renal function, blood chemistry, principles of renal dialysis, laboratory procedures and a practicum.
Our program trains you in sterilizing equipment and supplies from the operating suites and nursing units of hospitals. You will also be trained to prepare special packages of equipment for specialty procedures such as angiograms and heart valve replacements.
  • Medical Terminology
  • Principles and Practices of Surgical Technology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Diseases of the Human Body
  • Microbiology and Infection Control
  • Surgical Pharmacology
  • Surgical Technology
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Clinical Rotation
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