• Medical Training Institute of New York

School of Business

We aspire to become the leading business school in the area. Our schools offer aspiring business practitioner to gain insights in the ethical way of doing business. We strive to hone students that will live up to the high standard of academic excellence we have long held, and we encourage our students to maximize the innate potentials each one of them has. It is our duty to develop our graduates to become committed to every aspect of business in order to bring positive impact in the course of nation building.

We not only hone our students to become competitive and adept in terms of the technical aspect of doing business, but we also develop them to grow as a holistic person striving to bring positive change to people around, as well as to the immediate community. Our goal is to have graduates imbued with a sense of integrity and service to others.

The expertise of our faculties is utilized in such a way that the challenges which are present in the real world are strategically faced and addressed, enabling our students to gain effectual expertise in this chosen field. We remain to be committed to forming interactive relationships with various stakeholders in this nation so that our graduates will become effective business leaders and professionals in this ever changing time.

  1. CRIMINAL JUSTICE – We offer programs about the different system of practices which uphold social control in order that crime is prevented, and necessary sanctions or punishments are meted.
  2. REAL ESTATE – We have coursework that will enable our students to gain sufficient knowledge on the correct means of doing business in terms of real estate and property development.
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