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Hybrid Programs: Online & Classroom

Pharmacy Technicians, also known as pharmaceutical technician, help licensed pharmacists or other healthcare professionals dispense prescription medication and perform pharmacy related functions. In order to have pharmacy technician certificate, completing our formal training program and passing the exam are required.
Dental Assistant is a multi-skilled member of the dental health team dedicated to providing assistance with the dentist and dental specialists, carrying out direct patient care, instructing patients in the practices of good oral health, and assisting with all phases of dentistry.
A Clinical Medical Assistant is a medical professional who performs a variety of functions to assist the physician in providing patient care and to keep the practice running smoothly. Depending on a smaller or large practice or facilities, you will mainly provide services directly related to patient care.

medical training suppliesLearn from your instructors in person or join an online class at Medical Training Institute of New York. Either way, you’ll have access to the quality education that will pave the way to your future career in healthcare.

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