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School of Technology

Welcome to our School of Technology!

Through the years, technology has been at the forefront of mankind’s endeavor. It is through technology that advancements in various fields have aided the world to reap the success it is currently enjoying. It is no doubt that technology pervades in every aspect of human development; it will continue to grow and is expected to uplift numerous lives in the years to come.

It is in this aspect that we have invested so much in our School of Technology. Over the past years, we have poured millions in building rooms and in the acquisition of research facilities that will help our students gain the leverage in this chosen field. We have always noted that the professional world of technology is a demanding one, and we strive to hone our students to become the best in order to succeed in this cut-throat industry.

We have students from across the globe enjoying our special academic programs which hone them to become fitting professionals in the realm of technology. These students are instructed by experts in technology, and our academic programs have been approved by different accrediting bodies, associations, and government boards. That is why we are always proud to introduce our extensive learning options to each student enrolling to us. Our program allows students to become masters of their chosen field in order that they can easily secure the job they want through the industry internship phase which is ingrained in our program.

COMPUTER Programming / IT

School of Technology offers students to become expert in writing computer programs. This involves the development of computer algorithms and lists of instructions needed by the computer in order to manipulate certain objects. This coursework will let you understand the methods of manipulating the computer in both theories and applied aspect.